About Me-Mark Rayment

My name is Mark Rayment, and I am the founder of Barbers Against Prostate Cancer. My journey with this disease began in September 2022 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Despite having no previous symptoms, I underwent a prostatectomy in November 2022 and currently live with Prostate Cancer.

The firsthand experience of facing prostate cancer inspired me to set up “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer”. As someone with years of experience in the Barber and Hairdressing industry here in the UK, I realized the immense potential barbershops and salons hold as community spaces where valuable information can be shared.

At Barbers Against Prostate Cancer, our mission is to unite barbers and hairdressers nationwide, empowering them with the knowledge to educate their clients, particularly those with a prostate aged 45 and above. We firmly believe that early detection and proactive measures can save lives.

Prostate cancer is a serious health concern, and sadly, it claims the lives of approximately 12,000 individuals each year. Through our initiative, we aim to raise awareness, promote understanding of the disease, and encourage action among men who may be at risk.

Our goal is to make sure that every barbershop and salon is equipped with the necessary information and resources to educate clients about prostate cancer. By integrating these conversations into routine barbering sessions and salon visits, we can help individuals recognize potential symptoms, assess their risk, and take appropriate action. Early detection can significantly improve prognosis and treatment outcomes.

Join us in this important endeavour! Together, we can help prevent needless suffering and save lives. If you are a barber or hairdresser passionate about making a difference, reach out to us today and become a part of Barbers Against Prostate Cancer. Let’s raise awareness, support one another, and take action against prostate cancer.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Barbers Against Prostate Cancer. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our clients with a prostate across the UK.

Kind regards,

Mark Rayment,

Founder, Barbers Against Prostate Cancer