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**[Barbershop/Salon Name] Joins “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” Campaign!**

Here at [Barbershop Name & address], we take great pride in being an integral part of our community. That’s why we wholeheartedly support the impactful “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” campaign. As dedicated participants, we have displayed mirror stickers and window decals with QR codes to encourage our clients with a prostate to become more aware of prostate cancer symptoms and the critical importance of early diagnoses.

Led by Mark Rayment, a respected figure in the barbering and hairdressing community and a prostate cancer survivor, this collaborative effort aims to transform our Barbershop/Salon into powerful catalysts for health awareness and education. In September 2022, he received a life-changing diagnosis, and despite having no prior symptoms, he underwent a prostatectomy in November 2022. Mark’s resilience and determination inspired him to launch “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” with a mission to empower us, barbers and hairdressers, to raise awareness about the significance of early detection and proactive measures.

Prostate cancer remains a pressing health concern, impacting the lives of approximately 12,000 individuals each year. By actively supporting “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer,” we aim to raise awareness, spread understanding of the disease, and encourage action among those with a prostate who may be at risk.

“As barbers and hairdressers, we have a unique opportunity to make a real difference,” says  (put your name here). “By integrating discussions about prostate health into our daily interactions, we can help our clients recognize potential symptoms, assess their risk, and take proactive steps. Early detection can significantly improve their prognosis and treatment outcomes.”

Today, we proudly stand together, united in our commitment to the “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” movement. By showing our unwavering support, we pledge to create meaningful change within our communities and promote the importance of our client’s health.

Through the striking mirror stickers and engaging window decals displayed at our (barbershop/salon), we aim to foster a sense of health consciousness among our clients. Scanning the QR codes provided on these decals will lead them to vital information about prostate cancer, its symptoms, and the significance of early detection for our valued clients.

Our association with “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” is not merely a gesture; it’s a commitment to make a real difference. As a united force, we aspire to prevent needless suffering and save lives through increased awareness and early action.

For more information on “Barbers Against Prostate Cancer” or to find out more about this transformative initiative, visit www.

Together as “Barbers, we stand United Against Prostate Cancer, One Haircut at a Time”

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